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Jessie MacLachlan

Jessie Niven MacLachlan (Scottish Gaelic: Seònaid NicLachlainn) (18 June 1866 - 13 May 1916) was a Scottish Gaelic soprano.


A native of Mull, Jessie was the eldest of eight children born to Alexander MacLachlan and Margaret Campbell Niven. She achieved fame as one of the first stage singers of Gaelic song and during her lifetime toured extensively abroad; she toured in North America in 1901 and in New Zealand in 1905. During her US tour MacLachlan was celebrated in newspapers and helped to increase the popularity of Gaelic song there. She also performed for Queen Victoria. In September 1899 Jessie made the first commercial gramophone recording of Gaelic song, performing "Oro Mo Nighean Donn Bhòidheach" ("Ho-ro my nut-brown maiden") to piano accompaniment. She died in Glasgow.


Grave details: P-1167-8-9

Sources: Jessie MacLachlan

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