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Marianne (Mausi) Grant

Marianne “Mausi” Grant (19 September 1921 - 11 December 2007) was an artist.  She was born in Prague.

She was also a Holocaust survivor.  She survived three concentration camps, namely Auschwitz, Neuengamme and Bergen-Belsen.

Mausi's survival was down to her artistic talent.  This led to her being ordered to sketch death camp prisoners by the notorious SS doctor Josef Mengele.


When she was 81 she wrote the book "I Knew I Was Painting for My Life".


After the war Mausi and her mother went to live in Malmo in Sweden.  They lived there for several years before finally moving to Glasgow, where she got married and started a family.  She remained there until her death.


Grave details: Hebrew M-93

Sources: Find a Grave in Scotland - Marianne (Mausi) Grant

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